Saturday, 14 February 2015

My pinning obsession

It started out harmlessly. I've been with Pinterest from the beginning, but at the time, only a handful of friends were using the site. I was in awe of its stunning collection of images – recipes, crafts, exotic destinations, decorating ideas, fitness tips, hairstyles, furniture, architecture and fashion. It's like wandering through a quaint shop or high end retailer where you discover beautiful things.

I've watched its steady growth along with my increasing pinning obsession. I've gained a lot of followers and follow a lot of beautifully styled boards. I can continuously scroll down my feed without ever reaching the bottom. It's become a nightly bedtime ritual - I plod off to bed a lot earlier now, to allow time to scroll and pin before I read and then go to sleep. And the second I wake up, I reach for the iPhone to catch up on the pins that have been pinned during the night. It's become a visual board of my hopes, dreams and desires... it makes me want to travel all year long, build and decorate a house I can’t afford, and lead an utterly healthy raw food lifestyle.

But in my defense, Pinterest is a terrific resource for a small business owner like me. It’s always there – my very own virtual board that I can access from any device no matter where I am. Plus, I create secret boards to plan new projects and ideas I’m working on at the moment.

Pinterest boards also give me a push to take action on goals in my life. For instance, I've experimented with making my own skin care products – all thanks to the Cosmetiques Maison board. I've almost managed to eliminate meat from my diet and become a pretty good cook (just saying!) thanks to the Veggie Food Yum board. And finally, the Cushions and Comfy Stuff board has encouraged me to explore and expand my handmade business and is an amazing resource for ideas and to see what others are creating.

Here are my favourite boards:

Arts & Pattern pinterest board
Arts & Pattern

Cosmetiques Maison Pinterest Board
Cosmetiques Maison
My India Pinterest Board
My India

Cushions and Comfy Stuff Pinterest Board
Cushions and Comfy Stuff
Veggie Food Yum Pinterest Board
Veggie Food Yum


So it's not all bad is it? Are you addicted to Pinterest too? Please share some of your favourite boards.

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