Friday, 9 January 2015

Pattern review :: Tessuti alice top

Pattern review :: Tessuti alice top

Week 2 into the New Year and I've accomplished one of my New Year's resolutions. Yah to me! Over the past year, I had been collecting sewing patterns in the off chance that I would find time to make something, which I wrote about previously and you can find it here.

Here it is!

This pattern is the Alice dress and top from Tessuti Fabrics. It’s a smock style number with a self-lined yoke bodice and a little sleeve. The fabric is a combination of white cotton cheesecloth and gorgeous blue paisley georgette from Spotlight. It was my third time working from a pattern and it's defiantly getting easier. 

Pattern review :: Tessuti alice top

The pattern was not as difficult as I thought (no zips or buttons), and with my beginner sewing skills, it came together without too many problems. After reading a few reviews I decided to make the x-small size which fits quite perfectly.

The yoke took me a while to nut out (ie. it took numerous readings and re-readings of the instructions) and in my typical style of making things hard for myself, I complicated the matter by adding a different fabric for the front yoke and inside back (which wasn't done in the original pattern). There was a few confusing moments and unstitching of the yoke because I had attached the pieces the wrong way.

A closeup of the Tessuti alice top bodice

I also lined the breezy cheesecloth with a white voile because I was concerned about the transparency of the fabric and showing off my midriff! This may have resulted in a little too much bulk once gathered, but the fabric is really lovely and soft and feels great on. It was also my first time gathering which turns out, is not so hard! But I have to admit the cheesecloth was a little difficult to sew because of its stretchy nature which resulted in a few little tucks in the armhole bands, which I chose not to interface as per instructions so that they stay nice and soft.

I'm feeling very pleased with myself! I absolutely love the choice of fabrics and the flowy feel, and I think it's really cute!

Pattern review :: Tessuti alice top back view


  1. Beautiful job! Gee, spotlight has lifted their game! that blue fabric is fabulous.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!

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