Thursday, 5 June 2014

I’m scarce

Are you living your dream image

hello blog!

It feels like an eternity since I've sat down with a cup of coffee and actually enjoyed this space. Of course, the little miss gee shop never sleeps (well, the online one, anyway), but I’ve been a bit out of circulation, as far as everything goes.

Life has just been so busy and I've just come to the realisation that my life has become derailed from the track I set it on. I've fallen back into a comfy routine that I tried so hard to remove myself from and the constant commitments I've made have thrown me off the track. I had a dream. I still have a dream. It's just that reality has gotten in the way. And there are just too many balls to juggle for me to keep up.

Today I received an email from a magazine wanting to feature some of my work, and it made me smile and it is just what I need at this moment. It's now time for me to get back on my journey and do what it is that I love.

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