Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pinterest picks : for the new home

Well... I'm here! I recently moved into an amazing boutique apartment two weeks ago and it's been a little chaotic getting everything unpacked. I have a long way to go in decorating and working out what fits where but I'll get there.

First is my workspace. I spend so much of my time behind my desk so this space is important to me. Working from home, it’s nice to have a clearly defined space where you can put your headphones on and get down to work. In my old apartment, my studio space worked but my desk in my new apartment doesn't feel right. I need to find a way to integrate home and work a bit more seamlessly. So I did a little research on Pinterest and found some great examples to inspire me to make my own workspace a more creative and workable space. And I also couldn't resist starting a wishlist for the rest of my home.... I hope these inspire you too!

P.S. Will share my new home soon. x
P.P.S. You can see more examples on my Pinterest board here.

Studio Space Colorful workspace
Pantone Coffee Plunger Lamp Shade Gandi Bed Spread
Office nook under the stairs
Morrocan lamps in a outdoor space Storage basket from the Family Love Tree Succulents table setting
kitchen space Home office space of Kim van Rossenberg

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