Friday, 14 February 2014

Local etsy faves

I've always been an advocate of Australian design, and there is some amazing talent out there.

With great artistry right under our nose, it makes loads of sense to buy within Australia. Shopping locally means you are supporting crafters in your local area, and helping them to have a better life and to grow their business. And we all have important choices to make as consumers. By buying handmade and ethically manufactured items, you're choosing to be kind to yourself and the environment. As the handmade movement grows, the critical mass will help to bring about change in consumer habits globally.

Here are some beautiful shops found on Etsy by Australian designers. Some of these lovely shops, I know personally – I love supporting homegrown talent!

Ammiki - Modern, Conteporary Art Prints.

Old World New Vintage - Eclectic vintage bohemia •• prints + patterns + colour

Necklace from Duchess Jewellery Etsy Shop

Hand printed cushions from Pomby Pomegranate Etsy Shop

Colour me in children clothes from Amor Amor Designs Etsy Shop

Finders Keepers Print from AndreaSmithShoppe Etsy Shop

Finders Keepers Print from milatree Etsy Shop

Handmade reusable eco friendly fresh produce storage bag from Harvest Haversack Etsy Shop
Dashound Art Print from White with Three Etsy Shop
Linen Cotton Toddler Doona Cover from hello milky Etsy Shop

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