Friday, 4 October 2013

Press Boot Camp : Week One

I recently joined the Australian Press & PR Team on Etsy and have participated in week one of the Press Boot Camp. This week was was all about crafting your about page.

Participating in the Etsy Press Boot Camp – crafting my about page

While I've always had an about page, it was in need of a little TLC, something I kept putting off for a rainy day.

The biggest challenge for me, was writing this page. Opening up and telling the world about your creative products and process can be daunting. I have never been really good at words and I tend to hide behind my work, and the process to me, is a little like sharing a glimpse of my soul to a stranger.

Telling your shop’s story is often a process of self-discovery, and learning to recognise your creative value is an important step in understanding your identity as an artist. I also think if you are open and honest, people will welcome you, maybe even be inspired by you, and hopefully return to your shop!

Looking at some of the other great about pages, it really makes a difference to actually see the shop owner, learn where they came from, see some of the most gorgeous studios and hear their incredibly interesting stories. To get to the heart of some more handmade stories on Etsy see WinterOwls, BelindaSaville and redtreedesigns.

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