Friday, 13 September 2013

Featured artist: Akos Major

Meet Ákos Major, a Hungarian photographer whose peaceful photographs and simplistic and minimalist techniques have caught my attention. I’m really loving the beautiful tranquility of his photos. Capturing such stillness, beauty, and perhaps subtle sadness in the muted shades of the landscape. You can feel the solitude and cold air in these photos and in some, you can almost taste the air.

Check out more of Ákos’ photography on his website.

Akos Major - Beach

Akos Major - Mosque

Akos Major - Dubia

Akos Major - Horse

Akos Major - Thailand

Akos Major - Water

Akos Major - Budapest

Akos Major - Paris

Akos Major - Seascape

Akos Major - Swan
Images sourced from Behance.

1 comment :

  1. His photography is breathtaking!!...following you now Casey...
    Much love Kasia


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