Friday, 27 September 2013

Alice Berry Prints

Alice Berry lives by the motto that quirkiness is cool, and her llama friends and parrots in ice cream cones prints, goes without saying, are pretty swell as well.

Have a browse of the full range here, or see her website for more delightful things.

llama friends Print by Alice Berry Parrots in ice cream cones Print by Alice Berry
llama friends Print by Alice Berry

Friday, 20 September 2013

20 pink finds for the home

Nothing makes me happier than the lead up to summer, and a wide range of pinks, from soft petal shades to vivid fuschias and neon pinks, is extending its reign well into the spring and summer seasons. Pink is a colour I tend to avoid in the fashion and home design world but I thought it would be fun to use this colour as a starting point to search for a roundup of 20 great home pieces.
20 pink finds for the home

1. Pastel Planks Cushion Cover $40 | 2. Xhilaration Table Lamp $24 | 3. Cocky 2 Raspberry Tea Towel $35 | 4. Alarm Dock $201 | 5. Scarf Bag $250 | 6. Cuisinart Blender $90 | 7. Bloom iPhone Cover $35 | 8. Croc Quilt Cover $209+ | 9. Dipped Mini Bowl Set $80 | 10. Polka Dot Sun Bed $80

20 pink finds for the home

1. Baby Spire Transparent Pink Chair $112 | 2. Croc Bath Towel $65 | 3. Serendipity Munawa Pink Rug $80 | 4. Cube Scallop Top Favor Box $40+ | 5. Abstract Oil Painting $571 | 6. Paisley Drop Earrings $9 | 7. Blu Dot Strut Table $699+ | 8. DIY Nail Art Stickers $10 | 9. Sarah Elwick Baby Blanket $118 | 10. Asos Neon Pink Watch  $19

Friday, 13 September 2013

Featured artist: Akos Major

Meet Ákos Major, a Hungarian photographer whose peaceful photographs and simplistic and minimalist techniques have caught my attention. I’m really loving the beautiful tranquility of his photos. Capturing such stillness, beauty, and perhaps subtle sadness in the muted shades of the landscape. You can feel the solitude and cold air in these photos and in some, you can almost taste the air.

Check out more of Ákos’ photography on his website.

Akos Major - Beach

Akos Major - Mosque

Akos Major - Dubia

Akos Major - Horse

Akos Major - Thailand

Akos Major - Water

Akos Major - Budapest

Akos Major - Paris

Akos Major - Seascape

Akos Major - Swan
Images sourced from Behance.

Friday, 6 September 2013

My August break

The August Break by susannah conway

This month I participated The August Break. The August Break is designed to be a respite for bloggers.  Instead of writing, you simply post a photo each day throughout the month. There is a list of daily photo prompts, which removes a little thinking and planning from the process. But instead of sharing on my blog each day, I shared my photos on Instagram! Isn’t it nice to have a break every once in a while?

breakfast instagram image closeup instagram image
selfie instagram image taste instagram image
red instagram image farway instagram image
home instagram image stillness instagram image
book instagram image floral instagram image
looking down instagram image something old instagram image
midday instagram image sacred instagram image
my fave thing instagram image sunday morning instagram image
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