Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lack of motivation

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself image

I sometimes need a good kick in the pants, don’t you? Like everyone, I have days where I don’t feel like doing what I know I need to do. Having structure to my days is a huge priority to me, but running a craft business from home, the distractions of the laundry, pottering in the garden or running errands at the shops can make it impossible to get my head down and get on with things. And when I do finally get to desk there are a million other things like browsing my favorite blogs and pinterest to distract me and steal my time and focus.

In those unmotivated times, we tend to we blame ourselves. And while that may sometimes be the case, it’s also possible that something beyond us is the real culprit. It could be because it's cold outside, you're burnt out, or it could be because the tasks you’re putting off aren’t the right work for you.

I'm also a true believer in the unpredictability of the creative process. You cannot schedule creativity. It has its own schedule and comes around when it chooses. We aren’t robots, and it’s unrealistic to put in the exact same amount of work day in and day out, year after year.

So the next time you feel yourself unmotivated, instead of blaming yourself, take a minute to ask yourself, why? If it’s something within your control, go ahead and fix it. But if not, learn to roll with it. Structure your process for the times or months when your motivation is at it’s peak, and stop fighting the times when it’s not.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog via your absolutely gorgeous hexagon tea towel featured on Madeit. Although I am an avid blog follower, I rarely 'comment' but I just had to agree with you on the getting and staying focussed when your business is run from your home. I recently set up an online fabric store and of course the very nature of my business means I have to spend lots of time online; staying on task and not getting side-tracked is a constant battle! Our inherent nature dictates what we like doing, I just wish I had a little more admin DNA in mine! Good luck managing the distractions - I'm off to do a bit of long-overdue paperwork! Regards, Helen


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