Monday, 23 April 2012

diy - post Easter

So I know Easter was some time ago, but over the weekend I finally got around to photographing what I got up to.

A while back, my lovely neighborhood had a hard rubbish collection day, and one night walking home from the train station, with my keen eye, I spotted a discarded chair. A chair that had lost its shine, upholstered in a white vinyl that had gone grey, and with no padding. Instantly seeing its potential, I rushed home to get my car and collect it.

While it sat in my house for some time, patiently waiting to get some love, I finally got around the re-upholstering it over the Easter long weekend. The fabric is my own design, called Illusion and you can purchase it online from Spoonflower in nine different types of fabric. 

I'm absolutely wrapped with the result and it exceeded all expectations. Now I'm just need another hard rubbish collection day!

preloved chair re-upholstered with my own fabric design.

preloved chair re-upholstered closeup. preloved chair re-upholstered closeup. preloved chair re-upholstered fabric design


  1. Wow, I love the chair. What a great find and love the fabric. A chair like this would fit in perfectly around here! Cx

  2. It's just beautiful! Love that fabric a lot!

  3. Your fabric is lovely, and goes perfectly with the chair. Hugely approve of upcycling.

  4. this is so cute! i love the pattern of the fabric!!


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